Transforming impoverished communities in the developing world

The Problem

Poverty is invasive, impacting individuals and communities physically, environmentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.
It is the experience of hopelessness, helplessness, and worthlessness, where people do not know how to help themselves, do not have hope for the future, and do not know they are valued.

What We Are Doing

Empowering Action is combating spiritual and physical poverty by mobilizing expertise and resources in partnership with the local church.
Empowering Action’s Poverty Reduction Program

A direct outcome of Empowering Action’s mission is the Abundant Life Program. The Abundant Life Program is a 16-week initiative where the local church is trained to lead activities with people from their local community, helping them learn simple solutions that will have a big impact on their health and economic empowerment based on the foundation of Christian values.

Empowering Action Church Partner Network

Empowering Action believes lasting impact for Christ’s Kingdom comes through Christ’s church. Therefore, we labor in love to encourage and edify partner churches toward fulfilling the Great Commission through intentional relationships, biblically-driven training opportunities, and gospel-focused program offerings.

Empowering Action’s Family Life Program

The Genesis Program is designed to equip the local church in its ministry with families and children, in order to restore the family unit to the original design of God, through the process of transformational and community development.

How You Can Take Action

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